The Alpha Chip team offers you the following three strategy system:



On regular bases we are offering you to purchase electronic parts on a strategic way, creating also scheduled deliveries and programmed orders. Long lead times after placing an order will not represent any difficulty, because our purchasing department is always forced to offer parts in stock in order to avoid unbelievable lead time problems offered by the classic distribution network.


In case you are looking for a difficult part which cannot be located on the classic way, Alpha chip is offering you a particular world wide network offering parts and modules which are hard to find. Many manufacturers are pronouncing more and more often last time buys and allocations. Alpha Chip helps you out.


We are responsible to give you an excellent service, for that reason Alpha Chip is offering beyond the sale of electronic components also the commercializing and resale of YOUR excess material.


Added Value Services

If you need parts to be repacked, Alpha Chip is able to offer you several packaging   operations. All kinds of packaging formats are used in order to satisfy the individualized need of your production facility.


Inspired By YOUR Needs

Our customers are national and international Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), Contract Equipment Manufacturers (CMs), trading companies and manufacturers of different branches, who can count on us as a reliable partner in purchasing their excess inventory.


Alpha Chip Warehouse

In our warehouse in Rödermark near Frankfurt, we permanently have several products of different lines, from standard components to such components that are no longer in production and therefore difficult to find.

So, if shortage occurs to you: We assure rapid delivery and high availability of all times.

Our warehouse meets strict quality standards. We offer you components in perfect condition and in their original factory sealed packaging. Our processes are standardized, yet flexible. Dust free storage in an antistatic environment and careful handling of sensitive products are self evident.

Your excess stock of electronic components will be in safe keeping: Your parts will be stored and protected in a separate consignment warehouse in accordance with the most modern quality standards while our sales representatives will take care of their distribution and marketing.

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